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The Benefits of MMA Skills for Kids

The benefits of martial arts for kids have been well documented. Learning things like self-defense and anti-bullying techniques are incredibly important in today’s world.

The benefits of martial arts for kids have been well documented. Learning things like self-defense and anti-bullying techniques are incredibly important in today’s world. When it comes to MMA, however, there might be some misconceptions about what MMA is and whether it is good for younger kids. Learning martial arts helps children in many ways, and MMA is just a martial arts form. But the quality of the instruction that you get does matter. So don’t just Google “MMA for kids near me” – here are some of the reasons to choose us and why you should sign your children up for lessons.

Self-Defense Practice

Our world has become desensitized to aggression and threats, but they are real and they are out there. MMA teaches children how to defend themselves without using violence as the answer. The first thing that we teach our youngsters is that violence is never the answer; it is the last straw. It is always best to avoid confrontation and aggression by attempting to defuse a confrontation, and we teach our kids the skills of handling confrontation in the most nonaggressive and appropriately safe way.

Wellness and Self-Care

MMA is a dynamic form of exercise that teaches your child self-control, but it also comes with a lot of physical activity and exercise. Martial arts increases your child’s overall well-being by increasing their flexibility, coordination, speed, endurance, agility, and strength. Not many other “sports” combine it all in one. We also teach healthy nutritional and self-care habits that will last into their adult years.

Social Skills

The practice of martial arts is based on respect for yourself and others. In our instruction, we speak about how treating everyone with respect is a must. We model good social skills in class so that they transcend to the child’s outside activities and become a habit for all of their social interaction.


The best way to build self-assurance, self-esteem, and confidence is through goal attainment. The problem that many children have is setting unrealistic goals for themselves – or not benchmarking goals for improvement at all. We help children appropriately set their goals so that they are attainable. With each success, your child will be more confident and self-assured and those goal-setting habits and skills will come in handy in all that they do.


MMA is as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. Martial arts isn’t just about building strength physically and being the “strongest” – it is about learning to mentally manipulate a situation and figure out a plan of action. It isn’t just about reaction, either; in MMA, you have to think through your behaviors and reactions to find the best way to excel against your opponent via their weaknesses. Learning to evaluate a situation and methodically finding a way to overcome it is one of the best skills possible.


The top thing that kids learn in MMA is self-control and self-discipline. We teach our students that the only person they can control is themselves, and although they can’t alter how people will react or behave, they can take steps to better themselves without worrying about the actions of others.

If you are looking for a great practice to get your kids involved in for the new year, Google “MMA for kids near me.” After reading all about it, contact us. Not all MMA gyms are the same. There is a reason why we are consistently trusted and rated number one in the Charleston area, and it’s because we get down to the principled teaching of martial arts, first and foremost. We are the only school in the lowcountry that has a YOUTH MMA program and you can feel confident that we adhere strictly to the GAMMA organization’s guidelines. Contact us to get started today!